League Website


Jerseybasketballassociation: league website for New Jersey Grade School Basketball Teams, 250 teams in 27 divisions. The schedule has approximately 1500 games on it.  View Website

Facebook API Plugin

by Created plugin to update and display Facebook share counts from FB API. Shares for current day shown in header and last 30 days are shown in footer.  View Website

Plugin Enhancements 1

by Added member page and post views counter page to this site to show information on article view counts for authors on their articles. Member page shows specific info for logged in author. Post Views Counter shows information on all authors for a selected date range.  View Website

Online Course & Tests


New York Prep – Online school with courses and tests for real estate agents in New York City. The online course has 18 chapters and approximately 800 course pages in those chapters. Each chapter has a chapter quiz at the end which has 10 questions randomly chosen from approximately 100.  View Website

Current Projects


There are a number of jobs/websites that I am working on that are not quite ready to be viewed yet, but I thought you may want to know about them: 1. Draperiesbysandi– customers fill out detailed forms which are bundled into an “order” and then are submitted to the website owner for a price quote. […]