Pituka Softball League


This was my very first Elance job. It started out as a site for a Softball league where team managers could login and edit their team rosters, but it has grown into much more:

  • Team managers have their own login and can edit their team rosters. Whenever they make a change to their roster, the change is recorded in a “history log” for that team with a time stamp. All rosters and history logs are viewable by the public.
  • The league administrator also can login and edit a list of “home run leaders” and also the “standings” for the teams. Standings and the HR leaderboard is also viewable by the public.
  • Also, the “league rules” and all of the schedules are viewable on the site. They can be downloaded as a PDF as well.
  • Finally, a system was setup where team managers could send messages to each other via the site and the League President could send a mass message to everyone.