Online Course & Tests

New York Prep – Online school with courses and tests for real estate agents in New York City.

The online course has 18 chapters and approximately 800 course pages in those chapters. Each chapter has a chapter quiz at the end which has 10 questions randomly chosen from a set of 20.

The test is graded and the member can only continue once they score 70% or more. Also there is a “chapter timer” so that they have to spend a minimum amount of time on the chapter to continue.

In addition we added a javascript “idle timer” which logs them out if they do nothing on the screen for a certain amount of time.

At the end of the 18 chapters there are two different final exams each with 100 questions.

We built a backend function to Manage members. With this function you can change their access to all of the site content, or turn on or off access to either of the final exams.

Created a Cron Job that sends an email to members who have signed up but have not “paid for access” yet.

Member Signup Form:

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Member Profile:

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Class Index for Chapters and Final Exams:

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Example of Chapter Content Page:

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 2.43.45 AM

Backend Manage Members Function; list with pagination and search capabilities…

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Backend Edit a Member form; can be set up to edit any items…

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