Calendar & Time Slots

Not a lot of graphic design here, just wanted to demonstrate a certain function here…

1. On home page there is a calendar where you select the day to see time slots for that day…
2. The calendar shows the current month and the next month (this is how this one is setup; but it could also show many more months).

3. Once the you click on “View Slots” for a day; you are taken to a screen where you can choose a time slot. Once you choose a slot; you are taken to a page where you can order a survey for that day and time.
4. The system then goes back and marks that time slot on that day as “unavailable” so future visitors will know that it is already “taken”.
5. The client did not need this – but this could be easily setup so he could also manually go in and change slots to “available” or “unavailable”.
6. At the client’s request this calendar was setup so all days have the same time slots (7 days a week), I am working on another calendar for another site – where there will be “events to order” only on days that the client designates, and the client will do that from with the wordpress admin. When that site is done it will be posted on here as well.