Member Site

This a demo site that we setup to demonstrate a “member site”. It is meant to be “ebay-lite” and “facebook-lite”.

On the home page you can see “item listings” posted by members (we added a bunch of fake members except Gerard of course).

Right now – to buy an item; we built a function that allows one member to send a message to a seller about their item. The buyer does not know the seller’s email address – the system sends the message from the buyer to the seller and that is delivered to the seller.

On the “member updates” page – we setup an update function a little like a facebook feed. We did not setup anything like “sharing or liking” on this site but that can be done if needed. In addition – we could make this so members have a friends list, and only their “friends” can see their full profile. That also can be done within the database if it is desired….

Each member has a “profile” that they can “edit” whenever they want. We set this up so that there is a “public version” of the profile page that does not show any personal info (like the member’s email address). But this can be setup differently if that will work better. Also – here are some pics of things when a member is logged in (one of the “fake” members is Harry Potter)…