Event Calendar

This client’s company offers bicycle tours of Brooklyn. And he wanted an event calendar on his site where the events would be “color coded” by the type of tour it was (he has three main types). So – we created a solution that allows him to use some easy input forms in the wp-admin. He just chooses the type of tour, inputs the date, price and start time and it automatically creates a new product for the shopping cart and also places it on the right day in the right month on the event calendar. It also automatically puts the right color code on it, and has a button which they can start ordering that specific event.

The client’s touring season is April – November. The calendar is built to start with the current month and by using the arrows you can keep loading future months.

The client also sometimes does “Custom Tours” that are not on event calendar and everything on the tour is specially agreed on by Tony and the tour customers. These custom tours may have special pricing as well. So we built a form where Tony can enter all the custom tour details, also all of the custom price and the email address of the custom tour customers. When Tony submits the form – it creates the appropriate shopping cart item with proper price, and also sends an email to the customer with all of the details and also a custom link where they can order that specific custom tour (with the specific “add to cart” button from that specific custom tour)…