League Website

Jerseybasketballassociation.com – league website for New Jersey Grade School Basketball Teams, 250 teams in 27 divisions. WordPress website with custom database tables for teams, games and schedules. The schedule has approximately 1500 games on it.

User interfaces:
Coach Input: Member login using wordpress login function. Interface detects team from the user id from login, and coach also enters “date” (jquery calendar selector) for game for input. It then looks up any games that are marked with status “TBP” on that date, and if score has not been entered by other coach, coach is allowed to enter scores for that game which is updated on the schedules. System also updates the two teams “standings info” including: wins, losses, percent, points for and points against.

Game Select: Select date range (jquery calendar selector). Users also can restrict search by choosing divisions or towns which will filter the results further.

Select Team Page or Team Schedule: Choose division and page uses javascript and ajax to lookup teams for that database in that division. Links to team info pages or team schedules are displayed.

Select Division Standings or Division Schedule: Choose division to go to standings or schedule page.

Backend Pages:
Backend pages created to add, edit and delete divisions, teams, games, locations (game venues) and towns. Control lists were used to select some of these items. In the case of the games, we used the “game id” to select the games since there are over 2000 games in the schedule.

Schedule and Standings Pages:
Team Schedules, Divisional Schedules and Divisional Standings: page uses php and mysql to look up appropriate info in database and uses html and css to display the information.

Member Database:
Stored additional info for coaches. Each coach has a wordpress login. In addition on each team record is stored the WP user id of the coach and more information on the coach and assistants.