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Update 12/5/2017
Here are my latest projects:

1. Laravel MVC demo site (Gerardapps.com).
2. Javasript Demo site (JS Demo).
3. Carsearch (PHP/Mysql) demo site (Car Search Demo).

In addition – a lot of my freelance work from 2015 and earlier can be viewed below:

Jerseybasketballassociation: league website for New Jersey Grade School Basketball Teams, 250 teams in 27 divisions. The schedule has approximately 1500 games on it.  View Website

Sportsmockery.com: Created plugin to update and display Facebook share counts from FB API. Shares for current day shown in header and last 30 days are shown in footer.  View Website

Sportsmockery.com: Added member page and post views counter page to this site to show information on article view counts for authors on their articles. Member page shows specific info for logged in author. Post Views Counter shows information on all authors for a selected date range.  View Website

New York Prep – Online school with courses and tests for real estate agents in New York City. The online course has 18 chapters and approximately 800 course pages in those chapters. Each chapter has a chapter quiz at the end which has 10 questions randomly chosen from approximately 100.  View Website

There are a number of jobs/websites that I am working on that are not quite ready to be viewed yet, but I thought you may want to know about them: 1. Draperiesbysandi– customers fill out detailed forms which are bundled into an “order” and then are submitted to the website owner for a price quote. […]

Presenting our Demo of a Softball League Website. This site Includes Player Profiles with images and stats, League Statistics page, Team Rosters, Team Standings, League Rules, and Schedules…  View Website

Load thousands of products with categories and multiple subcategories (under each category. You can add, edit or delete products with easy to use input forms. Every visual detail and information displayed is totally customizable. Also – all product details and images can be loaded en masse on a CSV file.  View Website

Our demo of a member site, with some examples of some things that can be setup on it. Members can signup, have a profile and also have a page where they can post updates and others can comment. Members can also “list” items for sale and other members can contact them on their listings.   View Website

This client’s company offers bicycle tours of Brooklyn. And he wanted an event calendar on his site where the events would be “color coded” by the type of tour it was (he has three main types). So – we created a solution that allows him to use some easy input forms in the wp-admin.   View Website

DUI has an outlet center where they wanted to show products that are to be featured in a special section on their website. There are approximately 250 products in three categories. We built a “search” page where visitors can filter products on category, style, gender, size, and condition. Also provided a function on a page to display random items.   View Website

A demo site setup to demonstrate an online calendar with each day having time slots. And when you purchase a time slot on a day, that time slot is updated to be “unavailable”.   View Website

This client has a “drop-ship” wordpress website where he sells items from two different vendors. Between the two vendors he has about 20,000 products on his site. These two vendors provide daily updates on stock levels, prices, product names and descriptions via .csv or .xml files that can be downloaded on their site daily. Basically […]

This site has been setup using our “responsive” template. In addition, we would like to invite you to check out how the site changes on a phone vs. on a big computer screen. (There are some things that only appear when viewed on a mobile phone and also some things that only appear when NOT viewed on a mobile phone.   View Website

I have extensive experience on wordpress with PHP, MySQL, CSS and HTML. CSS and HTML are pretty standard so I will focus on the first two. I have worked on a lot of sites where I build online forms which then feed a MySQL database. Then – on pages we can place items from the […]

We have setup a blog page with pagination at the bottom which can be viewed here: Blog Page We also have one setup a little different on our “Brookside” demo site: Brookside Blog

An informational brochure site about a steel/fabrication business. Site is currently being worked on but the graphic design is done. Setup portfolio page with light boxes.  View Website

Responsive setup is mainly how the layout “changes” when the site is viewed on a phone vs. computer screen. These are the main issues usually: 1. Top navigation menu: The default way a lot of responsive sites are setup – is that when the site is viewed on a phone, the top navigation menu is […]

I am starting to insert javascript and jquery where it makes sense. The sidebar menu on “gcommerce2” and also the menu toggle buttons (on phone viewing only) on this site are both javascript. When the gcommerce template is made responsive; the sidebar menu will then be jquery…

Let me stress that you DO NOT have to setup your site as “responsive”. Some people do not want that and I am here to provide what you want. There is another way a site can be setup for mobile phone viewing. It can be setup so the whole site shrinks down (not changing one […]

If you have much experience setting up wordpress websites, then you are well aware how one is setup when you first install wordpress or a purchased theme. It has that “out of the box” type look and of course can only function the way the theme is designed to work. But we are all different […]

Something else I would like to say a little bit about is SEO. SEO is all about keywords, sitemap, and “linkbuilding”. The most important part of course is finding some good keywords which rank well – which I know how to do. Then of course there is knowing all the different places these keywords can […]

Regarding Graphic Design, I have done a little bit of it here and there on most of the sites I have done, but the first site where I did any serious graphic design was on this “pmax” site. This site is still being worked on, it is being done for a client. But it is […]

I have worked on a number of HTML Sites as well, HTML is the backbone of a lot of sites, every site I have worked on involves working with HTML to one extent or another. And a lot of “styling” elements are html as well. Like div id’s and classes. We wouldnt get very far […]

Something we all need to do from time to time. Moving a wordpress website from one place to another and keep it all intact. To do this right the content and database need to be backed up. And of course details on plugins and just how a lot of the stuff looks. Depending on if […]

I setup some lightboxes on the “portfolio” page of a demo site I am working on. You may view that here: C Steel Portfolio Page.